Part 2: 10 Natural Remedies to Help Improve Your Bowel Movement and Feel Great!

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Constipated? In this post I’ll be talking about how to improve your bowel movement using natural remedies. But if you’ve missed my previous post – Part 1 “Constipated? 10 tips to improve your bowel movement and feel great!” and would like to read more about diet and lifestyle tips, what constipation is and its possible causes, then just clink on the link.


Natural Remedies:



1.Drink water with infused lemon first thing in the morning, 30 minutes before your breakfast (preferably warm water) – it acts as a digestive stimulant, helping to flush out toxins and undigested foods that may have built up in your colon.



2. Omega 3 – it’s a very important essential fatty acid to many body functions, including digestion. It helps to lubricate the colon and ease constipation but also helps to improve symptoms of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. (If taking medication please consult your doctor before supplementing with omega 3)




3. Aloe Vera gel or juice: it soothes the gut and creates a coating that protects the gut walls. Gel = 2tbsp in a glass of water or juice. Juice = 1 cup.





4. Prune Juice – it acts as a natural laxative. The amount recommended is 2 glasses a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.





5. Bifidobacterium Lactis BB-12 – it’s a well researched probiotic that shows to help to lubricate the gut walls, breakdown the blockage in the colon and empower the smooth muscles which stimulates the bowel movement.


6. Herbal Teas:

shutterstock_248403661.jpgMint or Ginger tea – it has an antispasmodic action, which means it will help to relax the muscles in the gut, then speeding up the sluggish digestion and easing the passage of food in the colon.

Dandelion tea – it acts as a gentle laxative and detoxifier.

Also the warm water of the tea will help to stimulate digestion and relieve constipation.




7. Magnesium – if your constipation is related to anxiety, stress or depression than taking magnesium would be recommended. Magnesium helps to support the nervous system health and it has a mild laxative affect.



8. Psyllium husk – it is a soluble fiber recommended for occasional or mild constipation. For chronic constipation it can make things worse and seems not to be very effective.





9. Cascara Sagrada – it helps to stimulate the bowel movement.





10. Milk Thistle – it helps the liver to produce bile which helps to soften the stools, then making it easier to pass.



*Laxatives: DO NOT use laxatives for more than 2 weeks on a daily basis as they can make symptoms worse.

** Important: supplements are NOT a substitute for a healthy diet. It’s recommended to make diet and lifestyle changes as suggested on “Constipated? 10 tips to improve your bowel movement and feel great!” and then if needed complement with the natural remedies and supplements for an extra support.


To be continued…

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